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Why do we choose Imitation bamboo napkins?

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Imitation bamboo napkins are high-quality goods, generally the choice of five-star hotels. The imitation slub napkin is made of 100% combed cotton and high-grade long-staple, azo-free, PH<7, which can provide a comfortable use experience.

What are the advantages of using imitation bamboo napkins?

How to properly use napkin in meals?

How to stack different shapes of napkin?


What are the advantages of using imitation bamboo napkins?

1. Soft and durable. The napkin is made of high-grade eco-friendly cotton, which has good water absorption, remains soft and comfortable after washing, and is durable. Imitation slub napkins always bring a pleasant dining experience to you and your family and friends.

2. Appearance. In a simple color paired with a linen texture, the faux slub napkins bring a fresh and stylish touch to a table setting that easily matches any occasion and any style. Due to different screen display devices, the color of your pictures on different devices may be slightly different from the actual product. But please believe that you paid the price of cotton products, but got the quality of linen, it must be worth the money!

3. Countless uses. napkins are perfect for family or friends gatherings, buffets, coffee tables, parties, birthdays, weddings, cafes, banquets, picnics, camping, barbecues, beach meals, summer entertaining and everyday use.

How to properly use napkin in meals?

1. You should wipe your mouth with a napkin from time to time during meals, otherwise the greasy oil will not only affect your image, but also make others uncomfortable. Ladies with lipstick on should gently press a napkin on their lips before drinking to wipe off the lipstick to avoid sticking lipstick marks on the cup.

2. If you want to wipe sweat or tableware, you can use your own paper towel, but if you just wipe your mouth, you still need to wipe it with a napkin. It is not in line with dining etiquette to wipe your mouth with a paper towel.

3. If you want to spit out the contents of your mouth, cover your mouth with a napkin, spit the contents of your mouth on the napkin, fold it up, and put it back on the left side.

4. If you want to leave the table in the middle, fold the napkin with the dirty side facing up and put it on the chair; or press the corner of the napkin with a plate or a knife and let it hang down from the edge of the table, with the dirty side facing inward, it is also fine.

What are the design features of imitation bamboo napkins?

The imitation bamboo napkin is designed with gray and white geometric color blocks, which is fashionable and generous, showing a minimalist style. There is no redundant information on the front of the package, making the paper napkin quite artistic, which can be used to decorate the home, just for the exquisite life. And the high-efficiency interlacing and pressing production process makes the paper more compact, the fiber length in the bamboo pulp paper is thicker and longer, and the toughness is strong.

Up to now, Jiangsu Caresun Textiles Co., Ltd. have built a whole industry chain that consists of designing, raw material inspecting, weaving, dyeing, sewing and finishing, finished product inspecting and delivery, achieving integration of production and management. It endows us with the capability to reduce customers’ procurement and operating risks and create value for our customers.

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