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​What is the role of napkin?

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The napkin is made of a variety of colors, such as white, red, yellow, green, etc., and can also be printed with different patterns or embossed. General napkins use 100% bleached cotton pulp or softwood sulfite pulp. The price of napkin is favorable, the quality is good, the appearance is good.

What are the reasons why more and more people choose napkin?

What are the advantages of using napkin in restaurants?

What is the use of napkin?

What are the reasons why more and more people choose napkin?

Choose Linen napkins instead of paper napkins

First of all, the choice of napkins is very important. If you are setting the table for a more formal occasion, or want to create a polished, closely integrated atmosphere, please choose cloth or linen napkins. napkins are usually used for informal meals or picnics, which will not have much impact on the dining atmosphere. Compared with washable napkins, they are also a less sustainable choice.

Linen napkins are very popular with fashion homeowners and instagram celebrities, not only because napkin has a variety of sizes for consumers to choose from, but also because each size of napkin is customized for specific purposes.

Linen napkins have been used as an important part of family tablecloths for centuries. And there are good reasons: they will immediately absorb water, soft and comfortable to touch, easy to take care of, and have a variety of colors and patterns to choose from. Adding matching linen tablecloths will change your dining experience, whether you are preparing a lazy weekend brunch for two or hosting a dinner for friends.


What are the advantages of using napkin in restaurants?

1. napkin can effectively reduce dining noise in restaurants

Customers complain more about restaurant noise than service and prices. The clanging of plates on the table, cups being picked up and down, silverware scraping off the plates can make it hard for your guests to talk to each other. If this problem cannot be effectively solved, it will cause the loss of customers. Switching to restaurant-quality napkins and napkins can reduce the noise of the restaurant. Cloth acts as a barrier between noisy cutlery and the table, and generally absorbs sound since there are fewer hard surfaces on which the sound reverberates. All in all, lower noise levels will create a more relaxed atmosphere, which is conducive to conversation and keeps your customers happy.

2. The average consumer uses three napkins per meal, but only one napkin per meal.

You might think that using napkins will save you money, but that cost may be offset by the sheer number of napkins your guests use. Generally, people take more napkins than they actually need. Plus, napkins don't absorb liquids very well, which means that in some cases, your guests may actually need 10 napkins to wipe up a single spill on their table. On the other hand, real cloth napkin absorbs better while adding a touch of elegance to your dining room. Moreover, the guests will not take more.

What is the use of napkin?

Napkins are for wiping your mouth

The napkin is of course to prevent the sauce from dripping and soiling the clothes. However, the most important thing is to wipe the mouth. After eating greasy food, your mouth is full of oil stains. It is really indecent to talk to people with such a respectful face. Moreover, when drinking, it will leave oil stains on the glass, which is even more ugly. As for the lipstick, it is also necessary to wipe it with a napkin to avoid the lip print on the wine glass.

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