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​What is the role of napkin?

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The napkin is made of a variety of colors, such as white, red, yellow, green, etc., and can also be printed with different patterns or embossed. General napkins use 100% bleached cotton pulp or softwood sulfite pulp.

What is the role of napkin?

What shapes can napkins be stacked into?

What is the use of napkin?

What is the role of napkin?

(1) Napkins are a sanitary product in catering services. When the guests are eating, the restaurant waiters put the napkins on the guests' laps or chests. The napkins can be used to wipe the mouth or prevent the soup and drinks from staining the clothes.

(2) Napkins can decorate and beautify the dining table. Different napkin patterns contain different banquet themes. The napkin flowers of different shapes are placed on the dining table, which not only beautifies the dining table, but also adds a solemn and warm atmosphere, giving people a beautiful enjoyment.


What shapes can napkins be stacked into?

●Tent type

Suitable for napkins for breakfast or fast food, because it is the easiest way to fold, 3.25 cm napkins can be used, folding method: fold the napkin with one hand, and push the napkin with the other hand. First place the folded corner in the upper left corner, then fold the A and B corners in half to form a triangle; the second action is to press the right thumb on the upper end of the bottom center of the triangular salt to fold into a tent-shaped napkin. Point the opening or tip of the tent toward the guests.

●Brim cap type

The roll-brimmed hat is also suitable for napkins for light meals. The folding method is simple. First, fold the rectangular napkins, and then overlap the right third part to the left; roll C down into a conical hat, and then put Fold the corners of E and F upwards.

●Pointed hat type

The pointed hat type is also suitable for napkins for light meals. The folding method is simple: ① First, fold the square napkin diagonally into a triangle; ② Then fold the left and right 3/4 parts into a pointed shape; ③ Then fold the front corner; ④ The back is folded upward and flattened.

What is the use of napkin?

Napkins are for wiping your mouth. In addition, the napkin is of course to prevent the sauce from dripping and soiling the clothes. However, the most important thing is to wipe the mouth. After eating greasy food, your mouth is full of oil stains. It is really indecent to talk to people with such a respectful face. Moreover, when drinking, it will leave oil stains on the glass, which is even more ugly. As for the lipstick, it is also necessary to wipe it with a napkin to avoid the lip print on the wine glass.

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