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​What is the meaning of napkin?

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Because large napkins are too cumbersome to use, a tailor in London, England came up with a new idea, cutting napkins into small squares, which are very convenient to use, thus gradually forming napkins for banquets.

What are the advantages of cloth napkins over paper napkins?

What is the reason for restaurants to use napkin?

What should I do with napkins after eating?

What are the advantages of cloth napkins over paper napkins?

Cloth napkins are more aesthetically pleasing than paper. Cloth napkins are almost always associated with more elegant, upscale dining options, so they always feel more refined than paper. Best of all, cloth napkins have endless color and pattern possibilities, not to mention countless ways to display and fold them creatively that are simply impossible on paper.

Diners prefer them to paper. Not only are diners more likely to prefer restaurants that offer napkins compared to paper towels; they are also more willing to pay 64% more for a dish when they get one. If that's not enough to make us give up paper for cloth, we don't know why.


What is the reason for restaurants to use napkin?

1. Restaurant-quality napkins and tablecloths create a better dining aesthetic and increase dining ambience.

Real tablecloths and napkins have long been a staple in upscale restaurants. If you want to make your dining room look extra special, a quality tablecloth is an easy way to communicate that your dining room is an elegant venue. The implied association of tablecloths with fine dining will make your customers feel like they're getting the most out of their money (and perhaps make them willing to spend a little more).

2. Customers will think that a restaurant with a beautiful napkin will have a higher quality of service.

According to one study, 88% of consumers associate tablecloths with better service. While tablecloths and service are not necessarily related, switching to real restaurant linens can give your guests a better impression of every aspect of your restaurant.

3. The use of napkin will be more environmentally friendly and conform to the new consumption concept of high-end people.

Disposable products are bad for the environment, and reusable napkins are an invaluable alternative. While linen products do require water and energy to wash, the environmental cost is minimal compared to the hundreds of napkins your restaurant uses every day, which inevitably end up breaking down in landfills after a single use. Additionally, by using environmentally conscious dining products such as napkins, you can further reduce your restaurant's environmental impact.

What should I do with napkins after eating?

1. After the meal is over, the action of putting the napkin back on the table is also done by the host or the lady first, indicating that it is officially over.

2. Before getting up, you should pick up the napkin from your lap, fold it, fold the dirty side inside, put it on the left side of the plate, and then get up and leave your seat.

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