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What is the function of napkin?

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Mesh satin frame napkins are made of high-quality 100% combed cotton partridge eye ribbons and high-grade long piles, azo-free, and PH<7, which is the best choice for your comfortable life. Advanced napkin is an indispensable presence in the restaurant and hotel business process. If you want to know more, please read the article below.

What is the function of napkin?

What are the characteristics of advanced napkin?

Why do we choose mesh satin framed napkins?

What is the function of napkin?

(1) The napkin pattern can enhance the dining atmosphere. For example, the napkins are folded into patterns such as magpies and doves of peace to express joy, peace and friendship, giving people a sense of sincerity and joy. For example, if you fold a flower pattern that is flying together and have a heart-to-heart relationship to a couple, it can express the best wishes of eternal union and a hundred years of harmony.

(2) The placement of the napkin pattern can mark the seat of the guest of honor. When folding napkin flowers, you should choose the pattern of the guest of honor, and the height of the pattern of the guest of honor should be higher than the height of other patterns to show dignity.


What are the characteristics of advanced napkin?

Premium napkins are extremely durable, crisp and feature an elegant patterned design. Premium napkins are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your dining room furniture. The material uses mercerized cotton to increase the strength.

1. Advanced napkin has hemming

2. Premium napkin for fine dining

3. Advanced napkin hemming on both sides

4. Premium napkin is not suitable for tumble drying

Why do we choose mesh satin framed napkins?

The appearance of the mesh satin frame napkin is very beautiful, and many five-star hotels will also choose this mesh satin frame napkin, which shines like a diamond, allowing you to enjoy the texture of life, delicate and smooth, and comfortable everywhere.

At the same time, the mesh satin frame napkin can easily match any occasion and any style. The color of the pictures you see on the Internet may be slightly different from the actual product, but please believe that the quality of the product will satisfy you and the value for money!

Mesh satin framed napkins have countless uses. In terms of objects, napkins are perfect for family or friends. In terms of places of use, parties, buffets, coffee tables, parties, birthdays, weddings, cafes, banquets, picnics, camping, barbecues, beach dining, summer entertainment and daily use.

Jiangsu Caresun Textiles Co., Ltd is a holding subsidiary of Jiangsu Canasin Group and is a professional supplier of high-star-hotel table linen and airline textiles, engaging in integrating R&D, production, sales, and service. Since our establishment, we have devoted to table linen, household tablecloths, napkins, and airline textiles research. Jiangsu Carnation Company is committed to creating high-end cotton products, providing a comfortable production environment for employees, and taking social responsibilities, such as donating money to the poor family.

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