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How to choose a tablecloth?

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The advantage of the tablecloth is that it can achieve both practicality and decoration. The tablecloth can protect the desktop, play the role of protecting the table, and avoid unnecessary wear and tear.

How to choose a tablecloth?

Why do we use tablecloths?

What are the common tablecloth materials on the market?


How to choose a tablecloth?

In terms of color, the color of the tablecloth is customized according to the overall home decoration style. Wood-colored and light-colored tablecloths and chair covers are suitable for most families.

For a family with a modern style, the table cloth and chair cover can be matched in gray or black and white. In the selection of dining table and chair covers, you can choose fabrics with simple lines and patterns. This will not only add beauty, but also will not be easily stained by the soup splash.

What is the general style of high-end table cloth?

The layout of the hotel conference room has always been simple and atmospheric, and the information revealed by this layout is: discipline, seriousness, and seriousness. Therefore, the laying and color selection of hotel conference tablecloths are also very important in the layout, and the next step is the method of laying and color selection.

Option 1: Single shop hotel conference tablecloth, sag 5cm and match with a table skirt of the same color. Choosing this arrangement will not make the atmosphere dignified and is suitable for learning and training.

Option 2: Conference table cover, the desk arrangement is like a classroom desk, one by one, under this option, a single conference table cover is an economical choice.

Option 3: Back-type conference room layout, there are many choices of hotel conference tablecloth styles for this layout, and basic styles can be made. If they are laid together, then it is: a single-laid conference tablecloth with a 5cm drop and a table skirt of the same color.

What are the common tablecloth materials on the market?

1. Cotton tablecloth

The white cotton tablecloth looks very simple and elegant, and the host placed a pot of delicate flowers in the middle of the tablecloth to set off an elegant kitchen space. The cotton tablecloth is super absorbent and soft, feels good, and is particularly comfortable. White is a versatile color, which can be well matched with the living environment, making the living room look neat and beautiful. In addition, the cotton tablecloth is very soft and easy to clean and easy to care for.

2. PVC tablecloth

PVC tablecloth, its price is relatively affordable, favored by the majority of owners. The red and black PVC tablecloth with patterns looks very beautiful, and dresses up the whole restaurant very elegantly. PVC tablecloth has many advantages: 1. PVC cloth can prolong its service life after surface treatment, its surface is smooth, and its waterproofness has reached 100%; 2. PVC cloth is not easy to fade, and it is easy to clean and save. 3. The color and pattern of PVC table cloth are also more diverse, and consumers can choose according to the style of room decoration.

Jiangsu Caresun Textiles Co., Ltd. uses internationally high advanced equipment to test the evenness of cotton sliver. The thickness of raw materials is too uneven that the fine point breaks in the production process, which affects the productivity and product quality.

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