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How can we use the table cloths?

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In fact, 80% of families have plastic table cloths on the dining table. Although plastic table cloths do not look beautiful and look more effective without fabrics, plastic table cloths have a particularly strong anti-fouling ability, especially when eating. It will drop the dishes on it. If it is cloth, it must be cleaned, and the plastic table cloth only needs to be wiped briefly.

Why do we choose Carnation's table cloth?

What kinds of table cloths are classified according to the production process?

What is the best table cloth material in the restaurant?


Why do we choose Carnation's table cloth?

More and more people are pursuing the beauty and personalization of home decoration. In the decoration of the restaurant, the matching of the table cloth is one of the more important items. People often say that there are three meals a day, which shows that the probability of table cloths being used in a day is very high. Therefore, the table cloths are stain-resistant and durable, and easy to clean has become one of the purchasing conditions for table cloths. Carnation's table cloth has a strong sense of modernity, elegant colors, elegant and smooth lines, comfortable and generous, beautiful and practical, and has become an excellent choice for daily home environment decoration.

What kinds of table cloths are classified according to the production process?

Plastics: PVC table cloth, EVA table cloth, PEVA table cloth, ironing table cloth, cotton-backed PVC table cloth, PP table cloth and other polyethylene table cloths, cast film table cloths

Textiles: polyester cotton slub printed table cloth, polyester cotton knitted lace table cloth, cotton mercerized mesh button table cloth, polyester warp knitted jacquard table cloth, cotton mercerized jacquard table cloth, polyester cotton plain weave printing table cloth, polyester cotton plain weave embroidered table cloth, Linen knitted lace table cloth, polyester and linen plain darn applique table cloth, VS table cloth, star silk table cloth.

What is the best table cloth material in the restaurant?

Artificial polyester fabric is the most popular in the catering industry because of its stain resistance, hook resistance, color retention and high water absorption. Our table cloth is made of unique cotton soft fiber, so it has the appearance of cotton, but it has the advantages of artificial fabric. In the restaurant or dining area, your table cloth may be exposed to a lot of water and oil, so it is important to choose fabrics that will not be significantly affected by dyeing and heavy use, and high-quality table cloth can always remain elegant in the process of use.

Although table cloths are mainly functional means to protect tables from damage, they are also an opportunity to add color and style to the kitchen or outdoor living areas. table cloths are made of a variety of materials, including cotton, polyester, linen and vinyl; Special table cloths for weddings and events may be made of silk or organza. The use of table cloth determines which material is most suitable for your needs, but each material has advantages and disadvantages in terms of function or style.

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