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An Upscale Hotel Brand Case Study - Caresun (Apr 27, 2021)

CARESUN Textiles Solutions       An Upscale Hotel Brand Case Study

How an Upscale Hotel Brand Profitably Solved the Color-fading Problem of its Products and Sees Results with CARESUN’s Targeted Techniques

Having an absolute commitment to customer satisfaction, the five star hotel is a great destination as an accommodation service provider and focuses on a variety of other services. With Caresun’s vat dyeing technique, this five star hotel solved the color-fading problem, ensuring the color fastness of its napkins and tablecloth.


The hotel in the luxury lodging industry wanted to further tackle the issue of color fading of its 100% cotton products and create an elegant environment for its valuable customers. To achieve this, it needed a supplier with responsibility and outstandingly advantageous technology in conducting related solutions and better delivering the image of the brand.


With our own dyeing factory, Caresun has devoted in handling customers’ color-related problems over many years. The hotel adopted our proposed approach and better maintain its strong brand image globally.

• A detailed survey carried out to obtain a clearer picture of how the hotel washed their colored products

• Analysis conserning the color of products that can easily be bleached by chlorine

• Presentation on the strengths of our dyeing factory which guarantee the color fastness to raise the overall appearance of its textiles

• Recommeded solution of using our skilled vat dyeing technology to specifically enhance color attractiveness


Caresun’s targeted technique satisfied the needs of the hotel. After accepting our proposals, we can find:

• 100% increase in color fastness of 100% cotton products

• 2x increase in guest pleasure

• 85% more likely to approve of the ambience and quality of service

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